Ship Efficiency

Systems, Equipment and Sensors

Engine loss can be reduced by 20 % or more by optimizing power use and correct fuel viscosity using the T-Sense and the ViscoSense. Also, on light oil qualities. Propeller loss due to wrong pitch tuning and growth can be optimized using improved power control with the TT-Sense, achieving 5-10 % improvement. Hull loss due to trim, growth and speed compared with condition can be discovered and dealt with using data from the TT-Sense, with 2-3% general saving possibilities.


Fuel consumption is verified with the PT 2 Fuel Flowmeter. All collected data is combined, logged and calculated together with ship data such as, speed and generator power in the SPU. Results are showed onboard on the HMI PEM and sent via cloud to the office computer running the fleet monitoring system IVY, with directly available MRV and IMO reports. 

Fluid Control

Top to bottom systems for control of any fluid.


Instrumentation, automation and monitoring of systems for flow, viscosity, density, level, pressure, valves, valve control, pump control and filtering.

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