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Ship Performance

Measure and monitor the fuel cycle on-board, from bunkering to propulsion, to optimize vesel and fleet perfromance. 

  • High end and reliable data from world leading sensor manufacturers. 

  • On-board real time performance data to aid crew operation decisions.

  • On-shore data collection for further analysis and KPI comparison for entire fleet optimization.

  • Data collection and logging to map optimal maintenance schedule for hull and propeller

  • Automatic generation of efficiency reports according to regulatory standards from IMO and EU (MRV, SEEMP, EEOI). 

Fuel Control

Measure and monitor fuel flow and quality for bunkering and engine consumption. Ensure optimal fuel combustion

  • Bunker delivery control

  • Continous engine consumption monitoring

  • Ensure correct fuel quality

  • Optimal fuel combustion

  • Reduce maintenance need and fuel combustion


El-power Monitoring

Measure actual motor power on shaft to ensure correct power ramping.

  • Reduce peak loads on motor

  • Increase battery life

  • Lenghten lifetime of shaft components

  • Avoid propeller cavitation

  • Reduce energy consumption

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