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Ship Performance

Optimal vessel and fleet operations

Measuring fuel consumption, engine & propeller efficiency and ship speed this system enables informed decisions to reduce operation costs, fuel consumption and monitoring of hull and propeller fouling. All data is logged and analyzed for automatic ship/fleet performance reports and is compliant with regulated reports like MRV, EEOI and SEEMP. 

Fuel consumption:

Volumetric temperature compensated flowmeter provide exact fuel consumption for all types of flow profiles.

Engine & propeller:

Optical measures of shaft power from engine and shaft thrust from propeller.

Data handling:

Sensor data can be logged and collected to your current ship automation system or be handeled by integrated system software. 

All data is logged and proccessed in real time for crew decision making and optimal ship operations. Data is uploaded to cloud and vessel analysis and fleet comparsion is carried out on-shore. Fleet managers and ship operators can access performance data and compare against historical bench-mark values. Trends for performance data can track hull and propeller fouling to schedule maintenace. 

The system or parts of it have been installed on several types of vessel including, fishing boats, cruise vessels, supply vessels and ferries. Reference projects have shown up to a 20% reduction in fuel consumption. 

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